Today, I’m featuring my all-time favorite and best Horizon Chase world tour cars. Yes, you assumed correctly; its my follow up on the best Horizon Chase cars post recently published. After several Horizon Chase playing sessions, certain cars have successfully made it to our list of top vehicles. Stick with us to the end to learn the; names, features, Pros and Cons of our favorited vehicles in Horizon Chase game.

Horizon Chase World Tour Cars: The Complete List

Are you ready for our list of cars? If yes, then let’s get right into it.

The Cruiser: Ideal for Cool Ride at the Beach

horizon chase world tour cars

Make no mistake, there is nothing special about the Cruiser ride. However, the cruiser is your gateway to other cars in the game. Remember you only have one car when first starting out. That option is the Cruiser.

The cruiser has moderate configuration suitable enough to get you into a race. Wait! There is more to it with the Cruiser than just getting you into a race. The cruiser is fast and stable enough to secure the first position in different races.

The plan is not to drive the car for a long time. You only need to have the Cruiser around just enough to have other Horizon Chase world Tour cars unlocked.

Other cars will gradually be unlocked, but it doesn’t mean they will have a spot on our list. Remember we are only featuring our top best collections. So apologies if some cars you fancy in the game is not featured on our blog.

It will take unlocking 10 cars in the game to reach our next favorite car of all times.

The legend: Built for a Smooth Sturdy Ride

The legend horizon chase world tour vehicle

Say hello to the Legend; our next favorite Horizon Chase vehicle. just as the name suggest, it’s built to guarantee a smooth sturdy ride. There are so many things I love about the Legend. But before we get any further, let’s take a look its configurations.

Top Speed 169 MPH
Acceleration 4.1s to 60MPH
Handling High
Nitro Medium
Fuel High

I won’t bore you with every single details of the Legend ride. However, I do like to point out the features that stands the car out from others.

The legend boost of a reasonable handling capacity. A few minutes ride with the car will confirm its high handling efficiency. The car can take sharp bends while still on top speed. That’s exactly where the strength of the car lies.

With the Legend, overtaking opponents at sharp corners will become your sweet moments. Moments that your literally steal the race from under their nose. The Legend will get you far in the game. the sturdy nature of the car will enable you win races.

Once you acquire the Legend, feel free to go back to those levels you could not secure first positions. You will be amazed at how easy securing the first spot will become. Yes, that’s the power of the Legend.

The next feature we have enjoyed so much with the Legend is the fuel efficiency. Surprisingly and fortunately, the car boost of a high fuel efficiency. That means that you can worry less of refuel opportunities and concentrate more winning the race.

Don’t get too comfortable with the Legend. It can only get you as far as possible in the competition. Soon, you will meet other badass racers that the Legend will be a no match for them. It is only then that ditching the Legend and upgrading to something fiercer will become imperative.

The next car on our list is two cars away. Fortunately, that’s not very far.

Dustdriver: Built for Off-Road Enthusiasts

dustdriver moto in horizon chase

Before we say anything, please take a look at Dustdriver Configurations.

Top Speed 154 MPH
Acceleration 3s to 60MPH
Handling Very High
Nitro Low
Fuel Very High

Following the same rule from our previous car, we will keep it simple. Only focusing on the features that makes Dustdriver shine.

First off, it’s the handling. If you think that the Legend handling was cool, then that of the Dustdriver is even cooler. The handling performance of Dustdriver makes it one of our top-rated Horizon Chase world tour cars. Another cool thing with the Dustdriver is the fuel efficiency. Expect to go all the way in the race without bothering with a single refuel opportunity.

The next and the last vehicle on our top-notch list is the Fury.

The Fury: Redefining the Race

the fury vehicle

What exactly does the fury packs under the hood?

Top Speed 185 MPH
Acceleration 3.5s to 60MPH
Handling High
Nitro Medium
Fuel Medium

I must admit, the driving experience that follows is second to none! The fury can work for and against you. So, you must drive it carefully.

It has an overwhelming top speed of 185 MPH. With such speed, overtaking opponents in a race becomes as easy as ABC. The fury remains one of the fastest Horizon Chase world Tour cars of all times.

With the high-speed nature of the Fury, you are likely to run into trouble at sharp corners. The trouble of veering off the road at high-speed. However, we have a special horizon chase cheats for you. You should always anticipate sharp turns ahead. Also, try taking your foot off the gas pedal before reaching the corners. That way, the car will slow down to a reasonable speed ideal for taking shape corners.