Horizon chase cheats give you a competitive edge over other racers. It puts you ahead of them in so many ways. With that, shouldn’t everyone be using the latest cheats for horizon chase world tour? Hypothetically, the answer would be a ‘yes’. But unfortunately, in the real world, it’s a ‘no’. Why? Because not everybody knows the ‘hows’ or the ‘where to’.

Fortunately for you, the horizon guide you are currently perusing puts you ahead of others. The guide is designed to educate you on everything there is to know. So, without further delay, lets get started.

Horizon Chase Cheats for Starters

horizon chase cheatsThe section is designed for those just starting out with the horizon chase world tour game. Nothing advanced or complicated at the beginner stage. The goal is to keep things simple and straightforward.

For the beginners, you will be introduced to three cheats that will move you ahead of other first-timers.

Become a Master of your Car

You won’t progress far without a complete knowledge of your vehicle. You need to know the performance potential and limit of your car. With a full knowledge of your vehicle performance, you will accomplish a lot. For instance, you will know when you should floor the gas pedal. You will also know when you should go gentle on the accelerator pedal.

So, go ahead and practice the horizon chase cheats by taking your car on a spin. However, the goal should be to know the limits you can push the car to. At the end of the test-drive. There are crucial questions you are expected to know. Some the questions include; how does your car behave on sharp corners and contours? Does it tend to veer off the road or maintain its grip on the pavement?

Your answer is very important. It will determine what your options are when approaching sharp corners. Will you be forced to slow down or continue with high speed?

Eyes on the Road and not on Another Racers’ Car

There is a great danger that’s associated with having your eyes on your opponent cars and not on the road. You will be caught unaware with sharp turns and corners. The result obviously will be veering off the road into the woods. At this stage, you should be aware that a single crash can cost you a first position in the race.

So, all cost, avoid fixing your eyes on another competitors’ car. It won’t get you very far in the race. Instead, allow your eyes to focus on the road. If possible, look ahead and try figuring what lies ahead of the road. Knowing what lies ahead in advance will save you a ton of hassles.

Take Advantage of Refuels

One thing you don’t want to hear when you are in a race is the empty fuel tank beeping sound. Especially when you are in the first position and fast closing in on the finish line.

The effect of empty fuel tank is very adverse! Once your fuel tank is empty, your speed reduces instantly. Other cars start zooming past you. In seconds, your chances of securing the first position slips off. Thankfully, you have the chance to correct and prevent such mishap.

The horizon chase cheats should prompt you to explore all possible refueling opportunities. That way, no annoying beeping will pop up.