The huge options of horizon chase cars happen to be one of the major highlights of the game. Players have a whole range of cars to select from. Take note that these cars are not immediately available. The cars become available as you progress from one level to another. It will also interest you to know that each car has its Pros and Cons.

There is no single best car for all the race challenges. Some cars thrive well in specific levels and roads. So, your goal is to master the perfect car selection techniques for different road networks.

In this article, we feature top horizon chase cars by functions. It is hoped that the learning experiences that follow will aid you make the right car choice for your next race. The nuggets from here coupled with that of horizon chase cheats will make you an unstoppable racer.

Horizon Chase Cars Reviews

Below are our tops horizon chase cars pick by functions.

By Fuel Efficiency: Janis and Dustdriver

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JAMIS and DUSTDRIVER are two car options in Horizon Chase game when emphasis is on fuel efficiency. You can’t go wrong with either of the cars when you don’t want to worry about every refuel opportunities. Taking your mind off refueling while racing helps to focus on winning the race.

In measuring the fuel efficiency of a car, you have the; ‘low’, ‘medium’, ‘high’ and ‘very high’. Well, both the JENIS and DUSTDRIVER have a fuel efficiency of ‘very high’ that means that you can afford to go the entire length of the competition without bothering to refuel.

However, it is always good to be ‘safe’ than ‘sorry’. Hence, we encourage taking advantage of refueling opportunities that are relatively safe. By safe, we are referring to those refuel opportunities that won’t endanger your chances of securing 1st position.


Well, if it comes down to make a choice between the JENIS and DUSTDRIVER, it depends on the driver. If you prefer speed over steering and balance, then it would definitely be JENIS. JENIS has an overwhelming top speed of 185 MPH against 154 MPH of DUSTDRIVER. The difference is clear.

Given the massive 185 MPH top speed potential, JENIS would dust the DUSTDRIVER in a race easily and effortlessly. However, it would run into problem at sharp corners and contours (more on that later).

While DUSTDRIVER suffers in top speed, it however shows promises when it comes to handling and steering. The DUSTDRIVER allows drivers to take on sharp corners at top speed without worrying about veering off the road.

By Handling & Acceleration: Dustdriver

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The DUSTDRIVER secures yet another top spot when ranking horizon chase cars base on ‘handling’ capacity. No other car does it better than DUSTDRIVER when it borders around maneuvering sharp corners at top speed.

Again, the car scores a ‘very high’ mark for handling. The high handling capacity of DUSTDRIVER makes maneuvering sharp corners easy without breaking a sweat.

And for the third time, DUSTDRIVER has done it again. It allows you to achieve 60MPH in just 3 seconds. A record that no other horizon chase cars can compete against.

With such a high acceleration potential, you must avoid accelerating immediately the race starts. Immediate acceleration will only result in bumping into other cars. To avoid bumping into other cars, wait a minimum of 3 seconds before flooring the acceleration pedal.