The cooking fever online game is a classic cooking simulator game. It is designed to equip players with the right mindset for running a successful dinner. Out of the box, the game brings the day-to-day hassles associated with running a successful dinner business. So, do you think you have what it takes to start and run a successful dinner business? There is only one way to find out. Yes, go ahead and download, install and take the cooking fever online game for a spin.

About Cooking Fever Online Game

cooking fever online game

As earlier hinted, cooking fever is an online game. Players have one primary task; ensuring that their customers don’t leave unhappy. To achieve the ‘primary task’ they must ensure that every customer order is duly fulfilled.

The gaming experience that comes with cooking fever is second to none. The graphics are so real that it feels like real life experience. The murmuring of customers when their orders are delayed combine to make the game fun and exciting. It is not difficult to understand why most people get addicted to the game after first few trials.

Did we mention that you can equip your dinner with television and sound systems? That way, your customers get entertained will waiting for their orders. From experience, entertainment equipment has proven to reduce customers’ impatient by sixty percent.

Now you know a strategy that helps to keep customers in your dinner longer than they would have. That way, you can hurry to ensure that their orders are duly delivered.

Cooking fever online game requires active internet. You can’t access the game server without an active internet connection on your device. The Cons is; you won’t have access to the game in areas without Wi-Fi. However, the Pros is that the rate data consumption is insanely low. So, there is no worries about high data consumption rate when playing cooking fever.

Cooking Fever App: Downloading and Installations

Cooking fever app is available to both the Android and iOS users. More interestingly is the fact that the cooking fever app is a freeware. That means that downloading, installing and using the app is completely free. No payment is required! However, there are certain upgrades that may require payment. Fortunately, those upgrades are optional and is totally fine if you choose not to upgrade.

Getting Started with the Game

When starting the game for the first time, you are given a dinner with limited resources. However, there is room for massive growth and development. Your menu options are limited to just coffee, burger and hot dog. But then, remember there is room for expansion. Meaning, there are possibilities for your dinner to grow and expand to accommodate more menu options.

Once your dinner is opened for business, you are given few seconds for preparation before customers starts trooping in. within the few awarded grace period, you can start food preparation in advance. Once customers start trooping in, you must strive to serve them or face the risk of them taking their money to another competitor.

Each customer comes in with their order. Your task obviously is to ensure that their demands are met. You must ensure that their orders are served in record time else. If not, they may become impatient and leave with their money to another dinner (not a good thing). Once a customer is served, they leave happily while dropping your money (coins) on the dinner table. Make sure to pause at intervals to pick your coins (you will need it for expansion and growth).

Expanding and Growing your Dinner

It is difficult (if not impossible) to achieve success without growth and development. You must constantly be evolving. Evolving to accommodate new ideas and services. The same can be said of growing a dinner.

Over time, your customer base will double and even triple. With great reward comes great responsibilities. Serving their needs in record time becomes a bit challenging. Even more difficult it will become if your cooking utensils remains unchanged

Customers will begin clustering in your dinner and their orders getting delivered behind schedules. At such point, the risk of them becoming impatient and leaving becomes alarmingly high. To solve the dilemma, you are faced with two options. Keep things unchanged (stability strategy) or get more utensils to cut-down your delivery time.

Obviously, any sane person will go with the second option. A good place to start upgrading is with the coffee dispenser, burger and hot dog grills. For the coffee machine, you can upgrade to a maximum of three. That means that you can prepare and have three hot cups of coffee ready in advance for your customers. That way, the delivery time is drastically reduced. Sometimes, your coffee orders get fulfilled instantly.

The hot dog and burger are other areas that could possibly use some upgrades. You can also upgrade to a maximum number of grills respectively. That way, you can prepare more than one sausage simultaneously.

Go for More Food Warmers

Food warmers makes for a good investment in your dinner business. With food warmers, your already prepared food is preserved for future consumption. The food stays warmed and free from damages. When your customers arrive, they can get served instantly with zero waiting time. There is limitation to the number of food warmers you can upgrade to. As at the time of publication, four food warmers are the limits.

In our opinion, food warmers upgrade will remain one the best investment ever in your dinner business. It gives you the power of preparing plenty food in advance without fear of food spoilage. It could be a bit pricey but trust me, it is well worth every penny. Also, you will make its money worth back in no time. So, yes, pull out that money and go get yourself three more food warmers.

Be Guided Against Food Burnt

The danger in preparing plenty food in advance lies in getting some burnt. It is easy to get carried away and be distracted by other events. Especially in a dinner crawling with tons of activities and events. Nevertheless, you should jealously guide your food against getting burnt. When food get burnt, two unpleasant events are triggered. First, your food gets wasted. Your supplies get depleted. Secondly, your money is subtracted. Not many people are aware of those two negative events. Especially the money deduction.

Remember that burnt food can’t be served to the customers. It means that it is no longer useful and must be disposed. To dispose burnt food, simply drag it to the waste bin opposite the coffee dispensers (i.e. assuming you have upgraded).

Fortunately, you are now among the five percent with full knowledge of the consequences of getting food burnt. With such knowledge, it is hoped that you will become more careful and meticulous to prevent possible future food burnt.

Cooking Fever Online Game Best Practices

We would not complete our cooking fever online game guide without some tips. Tips that will improve your overall gaming experiences. Tips that will also guarantee drastic growth and development.

So, without any further delay, here some of the best cooking fever online game practices;

Practice the first-come, first-serve philosophy: the philosophy is simple and hassles free. According to the philosophy, it’s only just and fair for customers that arrived early to get served first. It would be bias to server the last customer first with those that came first waiting. You can read more about the philosophy on our five best cooking fever hacks of all-time post.

Don’t Hesitate on Upgrades: Avoid practice the “penny wise pound foolish” doctrine. To success in your dinner business, you must learn how to allow your money work for you. Invest not only in cooking utensils, but also in entertainment equipment. Give your value for their money and they will be converted to repeated buyers.


Thank you for staying to the end of our cooking fever online game guide. We hope that you have picked one or two tips. Hopefully, with the tips, your gaming experience will be improved. Remember that you can always send us message on our contact-us page regarding issues about cooking fever online game.