cooking fever challengesWhat fun would be there without some stretching cooking fever challenges? Thankfully, the game comes packed with lots of challenges. Challenges that will stretch your creativity and unlock your inner potentials. So, come with us as we take you through the different challenges that comes with cooking fever.


Cooking fever Challenges: Confronting the Odds

The Coffee Challenge

The first cooking fever challenge is the coffee challenge. Here, players are tasked with the responsibility of serving coffee to their customers in record time. You must make sure that customers are not left waiting more than necessary. Else, face the risk of them leaving your dinner unsatisfied.

With just one coffee dispenser, the challenge seems difficult and impossible. Especially when the order starts tripping. Wait! There is good news. Actually, there is a cooking fever hack to get around the challenge. To successfully tackle the coffee challenge, you have the option of upgrade your coffee dispenser machine. You can upgrade your coffee machine from one to a maximum of three.

Did we mention that the coffee machines are automatic? That means that the machine regulates itself and stop once the coffee gets to a certain level in the cup. How interesting. That way, you get to save some quality time. Time that you can divert and invest into other cooking fever challenges.

With three coffee machines, you can effortlessly and without stress prepare three cups of yummy coffee in advance. That way, when coffee order starts dropping, they can instantly get served. How cool would that be? I don’t know about you, for use, its super cool and amazing.

Now the ‘coffee challenge’ looks easy and interesting. With three hot cups of coffee always in place, who wouldn’t look forward to those unending coffee orders?

The Hamburger Task

Second on our list of cooking fever challenges is the ‘hamburger challenge’. Here the task is simple! Your duty is to serve hamburger to customers with hamburger needs. It’s simple and straight-forward. But like with the first task earlier, it is fun until hamburger orders begin doubling and tripling. At that point, if you aren’t careful, the large number of hamburger orders could overwhelm you resulting in distraction.

Usually, such distraction could get your food burn. Of course, you know what happens when food start getting burnt. In addition to your food supplies get depleted, you also loss money.

Now about the BIG question; how can the hamburger challenge be handled without wasting food? The strategy is simple. Get more food warmers. The importance of food warmers cannot be over emphasized. Not only does it prevent food from getting over cooked, it keeps food warm and ready to be serve instantly.

Go ahead and order some food warmers. Note that the maximum number of food warmers allowed are four. With four food warmers, four hamburgers can be prepared in advance without fear or doubt.

The Hot Dog Task

Customers come to your dinner with different needs and wants. One of such need is a hot dog. Your task is simple! Prepare and deliver to them spicy and delicious hot dogs.

The hot dog task is like the hamburger task. So, feel free to apply the strategies discussed earlier with the hot dog task.