The cooking fever app brings to your phone lots of cooking fun and excitement. The app for cooking fever game allows you to have access to the game on-the-move. Cook different dishes, upgrade your dinner and even acquire new dinners. All that and many more the app allows you to do effortlessly. In today’s article, we take a deeper dive into the features, Pros and Cons of having the cooking fever app installed on your mobile devices.

Does it sound like something that interest you? If yes, then stick around till the end. We promise it will be well worth your time.

Cooking Fever App Supported Devices

cooking fever appStay tuned as we take through which devices the cooking fever app supports.

Let’s start by stating that the app doesn’t support all devices. That means that some devices may not deploy the app successfully. For those planning for a new gaming device, its crucial you pay attention.

The app for the game supports basically two kinds of device. The first being Android. So, yea; if you are using an Android powered device, you can install the app on your phone. The second device supported by the application for cooking fever is iOS devices. For all iPhone and iPad users out there, you can also enjoy the gaming experience of cooking fever. No hassles involved.

Cooking Fever App: Getting Started

How can you go about installing the application on your device? Well, the answer is simple and straightforward. Nothing complicated! Follow the outlined steps below and in no-time, you will be enjoying the software on your Android or iOS device.

Depending on which device you are using, either go to Apple store (for iPhone and iPad) or Google play store. The latter is for Android users. Once there, perform a simple search with the game name as your search query. From the returned search result, the game is always top on the list. So, go ahead and click on the game (the game that’s top on the list). You will get redirected to the game download page.

You can read about the game including its features and recent updates. Additionally, you could peruse the comments and reviews of other fellow gamers. That will provide you with insight into the game. Example of the insight you can expect to gather include; game bugs and features. Such information will help you decide if you still want to proceed with the game.

Click on the download button to initiate the download process (that’s if you decide you still want the app). The game will automatically begin downloading. How long it will take is a function of your internet speed. With a good internet speed, you should not wait more than one minute.

Once the download process is completed, the installation process will begin. Do nothing! Just wait for the process to be completed. Once the installation is completed, you will be alerted. Now it’s time to go into your phone menu and locate the game icon. Once located, click on it and the game will automatically load.

Congratulations, you have successfully, downloaded, install and can now play cooking fever on your phone.

Application Features

There are certain expectations that comes with the app installed on your mobile device. In this section; we will explore everything that you can expect to accomplish with the app. So, stay with us and go nowhere!

Regular Updates

Cooking fever is constantly being improved and enhanced for better user experience. These enhancements come are delivered via the periodic updates. Having the app installed on your phone allows you to be notified when there is an available cooking fever update.

Performing the update requires no special skills. In fact, you are usually a ‘click’ away from receiving the update. Just click on the button to initiate the update process. The new updates will be delivered over the air (OTA).

Access to over 1000 dishes with more than 300 Ingredients

With the app comes a whole lot of possibilities. The app offers tons of delicious dishes you can prepare for your customers. To help prepare the dishes, you are granted access to more than 300 spicy ingredients. What more can you ask for?

More Locations to Expand Your Dinner

Why limit your business to one location when there are opportunities of expanding to more than 20 locations? Well, with the cooking fever application, you can access over 20 new locations to expand and grow our dinner brand.

Limitless Upgrades

To take your dinner to a whole new level, the app offers limitless upgrade opportunities. Starting from cooking utensils to location and entertainment upgrades. For full details on upgrades, read our five best cooking fever hacks tutorial.

Relatively Small Size

One would have anticipated a bigger size considering all the sizzling features that comes with the application. Fortunately, such assumptions are so unrealistic and untrue. The game is super compact in size. The compact size of the game allows it to be downloaded, installed and play on devices with limited storage space.

So, if you have a phone with limited storage facility, worry not! Now, you can also enjoy the cooking fever app.