Cooking fever app store is where you go when its time to upgrade your dinner with some equipment. For your dinner to grow and expand, you need to constantly upgrade it. The major determinant of how frequent your dinner gets upgrade is the frequency of specific orders.

When you first start your restaurant, the frequency of orders will be low. Upgrading your eatery won’t be necessary. Why? Because, the limited cooking utensils will suffice for the low frequency of daily orders.

However, over time, as your eatery becomes well-known, orders will begin doubling and even tripling. Especially when you are serving your customer orders in record time. In such time, paying a visit to the cooking fever app store becomes imperative. You need to order more utensils to make food preparation fast, easy and convenient.

Welcome to the Cooking Fever App Store

cooking fever app storeThe app store for cooking fever online game is located inside the game. To access the store, you don’t need to leave the game. simply click the ‘upgrade’ icon and the app store will be loaded instantly. There are many things that you can purchase inside the app store. We will start from the list to the most important.

Inside the store, you can get new utensils like coffee maker, grills and food warmers for your eatery. The utensils will make preparing meals faster and convenient. Also, food preservation will be greatly enhanced.

Additionally, you can also purchase deep fryers to make fries for your customers. Deep fryer upgrade is considered important since a great deal of time is spent to get one fries ready. It therefore means that too much time will be invested into making enough fries to go around all customers. Customers will grow impatient and leave the eatery. That is something we don’t want to happen. Hence the need to purchase more deep fryers.

It Pays to Make Your Restaurant More Comfortable

There are a lot of factors that combine to make a customer become impatient in a restaurant. Among such factors are tables, chairs and entertainment gadgets. A customer can only stand for a given number of minutes after which they become fatigue. One sure way of increasing your customer waiting limits is by giving them where to sit and rest their legs. Just know that you will need to get familiar with cooking fever gems hack procedures.

What better to help your customers rest their busy legs than a table and chair. Are you beginning to see the importance and relevance of a chair and table in your cooking fever game? The next logical question would be; where can I get comfortable chairs for my customers? The answer to that question is staring you right in the face. Its right inside the app store.

You can buy as many chairs and tables for your customers. However, you should be mindful, so you don’t overspend on unnecessary accessories. You will need the money for other upgrades.

Sitting idle on a chair while resting your hands on the table won’t work for long. It won’t take long before they become impatient again. There is still something else you do to buy yourself more time for their orders to be served. That one extra way is to entertain them. You order a TV set in the app store for the sole purpose of entertaining your customers.  When they have something to keep them occupied, they won’t mind waiting a few seconds/minutes longer for their orders to get fulfilled.