Cooking fever Android game is here!

Its good news to all Android users that find great delight in playing mobile game. For cooking fever Android, it means that you can enjoy all the fun and excitement on your Android phone. In this article, we review some of the benefits that you stand to enjoy as well as steps to get the app on your phone.

About Cooking Fever Android

Cooking fevr Android

Cooking fever Android is an application designed for all cooking fever fans. Now, you can take advantage of all the exciting features of the game right on your phone. Through the application, you can play the game when its convenient to you without complications.

Fun Facts About the Android Application

The Android application for cooking fever had its first initial lunch in August 19, 2014. Since then till now, it has received several updates over the air (OTA). Today, version 6.0.1 remains the current updated version of the game. it was released in October 8, 2019.

The Android app comes in a compact size of 131.5 MB. Considering the HD graphics, the game boost of, one would have anticipated a bigger file size. Fortunately, the file size remains within an acceptable range for many gamers. That way, you don’t get to spend much on mobile data when downloading the application. Aside from the huge safe in mobile data cost, it makes minimum use of your device storage space.

For people with limited data access, the cooking fever game is still a good choice for them. The same goes for folks that are using devices with limited storage space.

Language Options

With the Android version of the game, you wouldn’t expect several language options. Well, that’s not the case with the recently updated 6.0.6 version. Out of the box, the cooking fever app is packed with 13 staggering language options. English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish are the included languages.

Now you don’t have language limitations again with the game thanks to the thirteen incorporated languages in the app.

Initiating the Download Process

Before we get any further, the Android app is a ‘freeware’. It cost nothing to download, intall or use the application on your phone. However, you should know that performing some upgrades may require payment. Fortunately, the upgrades are not mandatory. So, you are at liberty.

The first step toward downloading the game is heading over to Google play store.

Just incase you ain’t aware, Google play store is where all the games and applications for Android are hosted.

Once there, your next task is to locate the game. Don’t panic! Even amongst billions of applications and games, locating the game is till as easy as ABC. Perform a simple search using the name of the game as the search query.

Usually, the target game comes first on the returned search results list. So, go ahead and click on the first game on the list. Just to confirm that it is the game, check that the game name tallies with your search query.

You should be in the download page of the game. click the download button to get the downloaded to your device. Once the download is completed, the installation process will automatically start. At this stage, you should be patient for the entire process to be completed.

Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded and installed the application on your Android mobile phone. All that is left is to locate the app on your device menu and lunch it.

Don’t forget you can always reach us on our contact us page regarding issues bothering on cooking fever for Android.