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V Xito von der Maineiche, SchH3, KKL1

April 30, 1994 - September 28, 2006

It is with great sadness and not a few tears that I update Xito's information today.....

Wait at the Bridge to greet those who loved you, Xito......


 V Ex Maineiche, Schh3, KKL1 - V BSP x  Yana Fasanerie, Schh1, KKL

Breeder: Hugo Mahr, Maineiche, Frankfort, Germany

Owner: Robert Barrett, Baltimore, MD

A tail male descendant of Seiger VA Marko v Cellerland, SchH3, KKL1


Xito stacked
Photo courtesy of Bob Barrett
Xito at 4 years old
Xito portrait
Photo courtesy of Bob Barrett
Xito Portrait
Xito portrait
Photo by Lee Hough
Xito - September 2004 - 10+ years old in Baltimore

To me, Xito embodies the ideals of the German Shepherd breed - Temperament, Working Ability and Structure, Xito has shown that he is a sire who has the genetic strength to pass on these qualities and to stamp his progeny, thus to improve the females to whom he has been bred. 

From the first time I saw his photo in a USA magazine, I knew that he was the dog I had always wanted, and that started a 3 year quest to find a son of his to call my own....hence, the reason I have Kougar - who is a Xito son in body and spirit....

 am grateful for the opportunity to have met this wonderful German Shepherd Dog, and feel privileged to have his progeny in my home and bearing my kennel name.  I am thankful that Bob let me share so much of Xito's last years and allowed me to honor his memory with this page at von Wolfstraum....

Sire of C litter von Wolfstraum


Cairo, SAR/PSD Vermont State Police

Cito ~ owned by Harry Phelps

Cougar, BH owned by Tom Connors

Cheetah, PP 

Csabre, BH, AD B-HOT

and in the future


? Litter von Wolfstraum to be determined!!! via frozen AI

and my own
SG Kougar, WH, OB3 SchH3, KKL, CD HOT

I would like to thank Bob and Sophie for their generosity in allowing me to utilize Xito in my program.and to share him with me in such a small way....

Rest in Peace Big Guy.....