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10/20/07 Danger passes RH1 at OG Boston with a 99 in the search phase and High RH
09/17/07 Enni "Elsa" van Klipgaarden ~ SG - BH, TR1 under SV Johann Nizsler at Colorado Alpine Schutzhund Club
09/08/07 SG Blackwolf v Wolfstraum, Schh3 KKl !!!  Wolfie goes High Schh3 under USA Judge Carla Griffen
08/18/07 VSP K9 Cairo v Wolfstraum in the news! With VSP SAR Team, Finds Lost Hikers in NH on August 10th
08/14/07 G Litter Born - Sire: Enno v Fuchstsein Sch3, IP3, VPG 3 KKL, 07 NA DVG Sch3 Sieger, 06 Vice Sieger  ~ Dam:  Bianka v Spitzbubezwinger SchH3, IP3, KKL *  7 males (6 sable, 1 bi-color), 1 female (sable)
08/12/07 Csabre qualifies for AKC's CGC at WPAGSDC Chapter Match and Picnic
07/26/07 Fenja v Wolfstraum OFA Prelims "Good"
7/06/07 Fenja v Wolfstraum and Chris Hruby get awarded an AKC CGC at 9 months!  
06/17/07 SG Danger v Klipgaarden Schh1!  Way to go Alex and Danger!
06/02/07 Harry Phelps and SG Cito v Wolfstraum Schh1 at OG Indianapolis!
Basha son Depko is KKL in Belgium
05/30/07 Kyra v Frolich Haus adds a WH to her titles, under Herr Hermann Schamann at NEOWDA
Bianka v Spitzbubezwinger adds a SchH3 to her IPO3
Darko - another Q v h Shiho x Basha son is Schh1 in Belgium
03/18/07 Basha's son Depko v Klipgaarden does Schh3 at KG 50 Veerle in Belgium 96-96-97 P !!  FCI Judge M. Heyveart Congratulations to Andre' Vos and Depko!!   Depko is a Bianka son from Q v h Shiho, SchH1, KKL2 an Orry v haus Antverpa son owned by Imzedrift in Sweden


Depko now Schh2!!!  95-95-96
12/03/06 Depko van Klipgaarden, littermate to Danger receives Schh1 at Veerle in Belgium with V in Obedience [97] and Protection [99] Congratulations!!!!  Bianka now dam of titled V scoring dog from her first litter by the Orry son, Q v h Shiho!
11/10/06 Elsa v Klipgaarden, Bianka's Zender daughter, passes OFA prelims for hips and elbows
11/04/06 OG Indianoplis Show and Trial with Johannes Grewe - Cito v Wolfstraum receives BH and SG2 in Adult Males - Strong positive critique by Judge Grewe for this outstanding black sable male!    Congratulations Harry! 
10/14/06 OG Buckeye Show with W. Scheld - SG Blackwolf v Wolfstraum is SG2 in large class of Working Males!
10/07/06 Southern Tier Schutzhund Club ~ Cougar v Wolfstraum receives BH - due to owner losing papers, Cougar's scorebook is listed as "Coda" - we will work to rectify this ASAP
10/04/06 F Litter von Wolfstraum arrives!!!  Sire:Gringo v Mohnwiese, Schh3, KKL1 WUSV 05 High Protection, 9th place   Dam:  Bianka v Spitzbubezwinger Schh3, KKL2    2 males, Falcon and Fyurie, and 6 females, Fantom, Fenja, Fhazer, Firenze, Frolic and Furious!

V Xito v d Maineiche SchH3, KKL1  "at the bridge"     4/30/04 -9-28/06 9/28/06 Everything that epitomizes the GSD was embodied in Xito - intelligence, beauty, drive, temperament - may he live on through his sons and daughters    ~~~   

Condolences and Thanks for allowing me to know this wonderful dog to Bob Barrett and Sophie Dysits

09/24/06 Kougar does OB3 at NEOWDA Fall Trial under Helmut Rueppel
08/08/06 Bianka bred to WUSV SG Gringo v d Mohnwiese, Schh3 KKL1
07/05/06 Danger now co-owned and residing with Alex Whitelock of Calais, VT
Danger v Klipgaarden ~ OFA Fair, Elbows Normal
06/24/06 Bianka v Spitzbubezwinger is IPO3 in Belgium - Thanks and great appreciation to Ben Everattes and Jon Gjerpe
06/24/06 Bianka's daughter Elsa van Klipgaarden receives VP1!!!!!                                                   
SV Helmut Konig - Colorado Alpine Schutzhund Club
Congratulations Marsha Seck and family!
06/15/09 D Litter Born !!!  1 male and 2 females - Troldjberg Ciwan x Fenja
06/12/06 Cairo von Wolfstraum becomes Vermont State Police K9 - Dual Purpose Patrol/Narcotics/SAR
06/12/06 Bianka's son Danger v Klipgaarden passes OFA Hips and Elbows
06/09/06 Csabre gets second leg of CD  - 4th highest score in class of 25+ dogs!!!
05/19/06 Apache v Wolfstraum, SchH3 now TR3 under SV Judge Jakob Meyer
05/18/06 Kyra HIT, High Schh3,   Danger receives BH and AD under SV Judge Jakob Meyer - NEOWDA
Elsa van Klipgaarden [Bianka daughter/Danger sister!] - CGC at 6 mo old!!!    Congratulations Marsha!
03/12/06 SG 1  Blackwolf von Wolfstraum - Schh2,KKL - Thanks Charlie!!  USA Johannes Grewe - Cedar Hill Working Dog Club, Franklin KY
3/xx/06 Bianka Spitzbubezwinger - Schh2 in Belgium!!!
03/25/06 Cito von Wolfstraum, OFA Good, Elbows Normal
11/29/05   ~~~~Wait for me at the Bridge my beloved and sadly missed Alice ~~~~
    Alice von alt Deusener Land, SchH1, KKL1, CGG
    Brix Kapfwald, Schh3, KKL1 - V1, V2 BSP x  Gina Herrentich, Schh1, KKL1

Dam of the A and B litters von Wolfstraum 

She came to me much too late in her life and left too early in mine

Still and always loved and missed

Referee all the pups and babysit them at the Bridge, Alice.....


11/19/05 OG Ohio Hundesport - Kougar Schh3!!!!!!  SV Fred Findeisen
10/24/05 Csabre von Wolfstraum, OFA Good, Elbows Normal
10/08/05 Apache von Wolfstraum - 3rd time Schh3 under SV Chrisitian Boll - POWDA
10/01/05 OG Buckeye - SV Christian Boll - Kougar now Schh2
9/xx/05 Csabre - 1st leg on AKC CD - GSDCWPA Specialty Show!
06/04/05 NEOPWDA  - SV Hermann Schamann - Kougar WH; Kyra IPO3 and Csabre gets BH and AD; Fenja and Kevin Cramer are Schh3
06/21/05 Apache von Wolfstraum - competes at HOT Championships - another Schh3 for 1st time handler and dog team! Congratulations!
05/21/05 ME Regional Conformation Show in PA - Danger gets SG rating at 1 year, 2 days - club Trial - Apache von Wolfstraum Schh3 SV Harald Hohmann



04/26/05 NE Regional Conformation Show - Herr Bosel at Fairfax Schutzhund Club, VA - Fenja KKL2; Danger VP7 of 9 entries….only working line pup in class
03/18/05 SE Regional Conformation Show - Herr Scheld at Fayetteville Schutzhund Club, NC - Kougar SG and KKL2 [due to Schh1]; Kyra KKL1 for life; Csabre G1 and Danger VP2 with great critiques! 
09/11/04 NEOPWDA Fall Trial with SV Helmut Rueppell - Fenja goes SchH2 with High Obedience in Trial; Kyra is SchH3 with High Protection in Trial
06/25/04   Kelsey v Silver Mark, CD, CGC - leaves  for the "Rainbow Bridge" - Greatly missed by all who knew her and loved her - Always the good ambassodor for the GSD
05/24/04 Apache von Wolfstraum passes Schutzhund 1 under SV Jakob Meyer - High Schutzhund 1
05/15/04 Kyra  passes Schutzhund 2 under SV Jakob Meyer.  High Obedience and High in Trial.  Scores 96 V in Protection.  Northeastern Ohio Police and Working Dog Association

04/17/04 Blackwolf von Wolfstraum gets AD and  BH at Drache Feld GSD with  Charlie Starr.  Bluegrass Schutzhund Club, Winchester, Kentucky
10/18/03 Kougar repeats Schh1 at NE Regional Championships
10/11/03 Kougar passes AD - thanks to Pat Matarresse for biking!
10/03/03 C Litter born…V  Xito v d Maineiche, SchH3, KKL1 x SG  Kyra v Frolich Haus, SchH1, CD, KKL1 - 3 Sable males - Cairo, Cito, Cougar and 2 Sable females - Csabre and Cheetah
09/07/03 Kougar is now SchH1 with 95 in Protection -  OG Buckeye, SV Helmut Rueppell
07/20/03 Kyra  is SG 1 and KKL1 - SV Wilfred Scheld at Mid Eastern Regional Championships
07/19/03 Kougar is SG 1, Adult Males - Mid Eastern Regional - Franklin KY - SV Wilfred Scheld
05/17/03 Kyra  flys though the  AD at Northeastern Ohio Police and Working Dog Association
12/01/02 Kougar gets BH with High BH; Kyra gets her SchH1 - USCA judge Jim Elder
11/22/02 B Litter - SG Kimo Sigisliebe x SG Alice v alt Deusener Land, Schh1, KKL1 - 1 black male - Blackwolf, 2 sable females - Brava and Bronze, and 1 black female - Bengal
05/15/02 Kyra v Frolich Haus gets her BH  - SV Hans Schultz
03/13/02 A litter - Alf Toniolo x Alice von alt Deusener Land, SchH1, KKL1 - 2 Blk-tan males - Amadeus and Arcane, 2 sable males - Assante and Apache [3x Schh3, TR3] and 2 sable females - Akela and Ablaze    ~  Alice acquired and transferred to von Wolfstraum in whlep

Harry Phelps and SG Cito v Wolfstraum, SchH1

OG Indianopolis ~ Photo by Mrs. Phelps



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