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SG Kyra vom Frolich Haus, SchH3, IPO3,  KKL1, CD

OFA Good Elbows normal



Sire:  Alk v Osterburg Quell, 3 time National Champion Police dog
Dam: Calico v d Polizei - both OFA Good!  

Predominantly DDR with Lines to Nessel [2x], Pirol, Lord [2-5,5], Sagus, Ciro Porhanicini Straze

kyra HIT

V rated in Protection!  Always pronounced! Extreme in "hunt" drive, absolutely determined tracking drives, solid nerves and absolute stability with always appropriate aggression - a very balanced female

Kyra Stacked

SG1 Kyra vom Frolich Haus, SchH3,IPO3, KKL1, CD
OFA Good, Elbows Normal

Winner of the Novice B level Obedience at the Western Pennsylvania GSD Specialty, September 16, 2001

Kyra went SG1 and KKL1 under Koermeister Wilfred Scheld at the Mid Eastern Regional Conformation Championships, July 17-19, 2003 in Franklin Kentucky and received her Lifetime KKL1 at the SE Regional Championships in Fayetteville NC, 2005


Kyra dumbell

Kyra track


Photos by Charles Snyder, OG Ohio Hundesport Trial, November 2005

thanks Charlie!!!!!!

Special Thanks to Pat Matarrese, President of NEOWDA - We could not have done this without his help

kyra bl1 kyra bl2 kyra bl3


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