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Working German Shepherd Dogs

Kelsey v Silver Mark, CD, CGC

"The characteristics of the shepherd dog, home protection dog (hovawart) and police dog are the same: i.e. joy in work, devotion to duty, and to master, mistrust and sharpness against strange & irregular things, docility & obedience, teachableness & quickness to understand, and in addition, immunity to weather, uncommonly acute senses with gifts for retrieving & seeking, assisted by his special gait by which he leaves nothing unnoticed & unsought."  ~~ Capt. Max von Stephanvitz 


at "The Bridge" - Aug. 8, 1997 to June 16, 2004

Old Fashioned American/German Lines

(Kelsey and her buddy, Pepe!)
Kelsey and Pepe

Kelsey was the Queen of the house and loved to ride shotgun!. An American - German mix - a BYB dog to be honest - she rose above those humble beginnings and showed the true genetic strength of Max's breed ~ she had the true character of the GSD!  She had the humor Max described and loved in Horand....plus,  she loved to play with the decoy and sparked my interest in Schutzhund. Correct  temperament, social, but alas, poor pigment. Spayed at 7 months and Retired from obedience competition due to injury to front leg which did not allow training including jumping.


Kelsey was lost due to cancer at less than 7 years of age.....she is missed by all her friends....


Rest in Peace Kelsey - we will meet at the bridge~~~~