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Fenja von Wildferdeland, SchH3, KKL 

 OFA Good  'a' Normal


Fenja standing with a ball




Unfortunately, Fenja only produced one viable puppy in our D litter - Demons v Wolfstraum is everything her pedigree promised - and is a multi titled Agility, Obedience and Rally competitor ......


Fenja was then retired and is a happy house dog.

History on Fenja v Wildferdeland, SchH3, KKL

Fenja was acquired with a Schutzhund 1 title.  With the assistance of a few friends, and her foster home with Police Officer Kevin Cramer, of Moon Twp. PA, Fenja has finished her schuthzund titles, been Koer classed, and is currently being trained in Narcotics Detection with Officer Cramer.


Fenja is extreme!!!  Ball drive, hunt drive and energy!!  Kevin is a mountain biker, and Fenja accompanies him on camping and rides.  .

Fenja standing with a ball
A  correct, strong but still feminine dog, Fenja has a pedigree which is Mink and Fero free. A daughter of the successful sire, Pike Schafbachmühle, her dam is a V rated, Schh3, FH titled daughter of Falk Berkelau, going back on Sagus, Grief Lahntal and Kimm Werseufer.  Many of her close family are titled and koered in Europe.  Pike is an extremely sucessful and sought after sire and bloodline, and Fenja's pedigree is totally open and she will complement many males with her strong, solid nerves and socially correct temperament.


Fenja trotting with a ball