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 Bianka was acquired in the summer of 2004, along with her son, Danger

She was only  titled with a BH at that time, and arrangements were made to leave her in Belgium for titling and koer class.  In the fall of 05, she was bred in Belgium, taking a break between Koer and final preparations for IPO2 and IPO3

To "honor" that litter, we will not use the initial "E" for a  von Wolfstraum litter, instead acknowledging the caliber and quality of progeny  that is being produced from our females

E Litter van Klipgaarden

October 18, 2005 - Born and registered in Belgium - Breeder:  Ben Evarretts

Sire:  SG Zender v Lusondai, SchH3, KKL1 'a' normal, WUSV 2005

zender head

ZenderZender db





Above photo copyright by, and courtesy of, Karla Calderon, 

Schutzhund Sport Dogs, IncOklahoma

Ranked 2nd in Belgium in 2005, only behind 2x WUSV Sieger Eros Mohnwieise

V rated in Protection with High Protection in most trials! Always pronounced

 8th place - 2005 WUSV - part of the Winning Belgian Team 

Dam: Bianka v Spitzbubezwinger, Schh2 [3], KKL2  by Ufo v Guy's Hof x Babsi Hexenforst


Presenting Elsa and Errow van Klipgaarden ~ Progeny of Zender and Bianka!!


Elsa 5 mo

Elsa van Klipgaarden - owned by Marsha Seck, Nebraska, USA


Errow van Klipgaarden - owned by Trisha Grant, New York, USA

Lee Hough


412/247-0761 home/answering machine
412/725-1080 work/mobile 

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