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"D" Litter von Wolfstraum

Sire: SG Troldbjerg Ciwan, SchH3, KKL1 'a' normal,

ciwan stack

Bob and Ciwan


Dam: Fenja von Wildferdeland, Schh3, KKL2 'a' normal, OFA Good

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Linebreeding on this litter is: 

With the pedigree behind him, Ciwan brings the extremes in drive and power that everyone has come to expect from Yoshey Dollenwiese and Troll!  Add to that, a dam who is a granddaughter of both Harro and Half Busecker Schloss.   His grips are full, hard and powerful.  High in both active aggression and fight drive, he is a perfect complement to Fenja's solid nerves and high prey drive.  Both dogs are very high drive, easily motivated happy workers and both have extreme ball drive, hunt drive and a total desire and willingness to work for their handler.  They are extremely complimentary in both drives and temperament, with the balance of qualities across the pair that should produce good working prospects for the competitive experienced trainer and the novice handler as well.  Ciwan has many "V" tracking scores, and Fenja, who lives with a police officer, regularly trains with the K9 unit in both patrol work and in narcotics, I am very pleased with the potential of this litter for schutzhund, AKC agility, obedience or tracking competition, SAR or police work.

Ciwan is the sire of not only titled  - a son recently went Schh3 - and  Koer classed progeny, but is producing nice solid companion dogs as well.  He produces confident puppies who have been successful in whatever has been asked of them.  Several of his progeny are 'a' stamped normal, as well as having OFA certified clear hips. 

Fenja is an own daughter of the very successful sire, Pike Schafbachmuhle - and his sons and daughter are very sucessful both in competition and as producers.  Known for his fast courage test, Fenja certainly has shown to be her father's daughter!

The pedigree is a "who's who" of working dogs - Yoshey Dollenwiese, Pike Schafbachmuhle,  Troll von der Bosen Nachtbarshaft, Harro Leichtenstein,  Falk Berkelau, Arthus Lunsholz. - Strength, Drive, Power and Balance in Prey and Aggression!!!!

Thank you - all puppies are placed.

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