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"Dog breeding must be done by a dog-lover and cannot be a profession. The work of breeding service dogs must be the work of dog-lovers, (such as) the Shepherd with sheep breeds as a dog lover, for they have the desire to breed for exemplary, efficient and useful dogs." ~ Capt. Max v Stephanitz

Csabre portrait

SG Csabre von Wolfstraum SchH1, KKL, HIC

OFA Good, Elbows Normal

Breeder/Handler Owner Trained

V Xito von der Mainieche, Schh3, KKL1   x   SG1 Kyra v Frolich Haus, Schh3, IPO3, KKL1 CD HOT

 After spending several years training  Kyra, achieving multiple Schutzhund/IPO3 titles, 2 HIT awards, and a KKL1, as well as living with and training a Xito son, my own, Kougar I knew that combining Kyra with Xito could give me the combination of  qualities I was seeking in a breeding match.  


A combination of the best off the East German and West German working lines, Csabre embodies the best qualities of each "type".   Strong  in color, size, temperament - good bones, head, black sable pigment - a serious female with high suspicion - but with high toy/ball/prey drive and a happy, loving companion.  Loves children and will play ball with them until she drops.    She will work on any field, on any helper, sleeve or bitesuit, and never fails to exhibit both strong prey and civil drives.  Her character and temperament have been praised by Schutzhund trainers and Police Officers - she is truly the "total package"!


Csabre jump

Csabre bite Long Island SchutzhundLong Island - 2010



Csabre sit

Csabre sleeve






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