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Working German Shepherd Dogs

The C Crew

Sire: V Xito von der Maineiche, SchH3, KKL1


Dam: SG1 Kyra v Frolich Haus, SchH1, CD, KKL1

Kyra Stacked

At 5 weeks old - Csabre (Cito?) exhibiting that full grip!

At 8 weeks - L to R - Cito, Csabre, Cheetah, Cairo - Cougar just went home!

These pups are very consistent in showing high drive, confidence and having pronounced hunt and search drive. Pigment is rich and bone and body are both substantial. The two females are very strong in character and show full possessive grips on a toy or rag.

at 6 weeks - "Who me? Tear this all up? ME???"

Cairo's pedigree can be found here
Cairo at 12 weeks in Vermont

Photo by Alex Whitelock

Cito on January 15th, 2003

Cito's pedigree can be found here


Cougar's pedigree can be found here

Cheetah leaping at 9 weeks

Cheetah's pedigree can be found here
Cheetah - my "lightest" sable at 14 weeks

Csabre at 14 weeks, Cito's "twin" - a striking black sable

Csabre's pedigree can be found here

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