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"Dog breeding must be done by a dog-lover and cannot be a profession. The work of breeding service dogs must be the work of dog-lovers, (such as) the Shepherd with sheep breeds as a dog lover, for they have the desire to breed for exemplary, efficient and useful dogs." ~ Capt. Max v Stephanitz

Basha walking

Photo by Lee Hough  -

Basha stack

Photo by Charlie Snyder 

Basha is 7 weeks pregnant in photos!

Bianka vom Spitzbubezwinger, IPO1, Schh3, KKL2


Ufo van Guy's Hof, Schh3, KKL 2   x   Babsi vom Hexenforst, Schh3, KKL

danger puppy

[photo above - Bianka puppies  from "Harro",  an Orry v h Antwerpa son]

Basha is just an excellent female!   As a working dog, as a companion dog and as a producer.  She has  absolutely impeccable temperament, socially and environmentallyt stable.  Her ball/prey drive is exceptional - and she passes it on!   After rasing two litters and several pups to maturity, she has proven to be both consistant and above average as a producer.  She passes on her , her great personality, and her  awesome temperament and stability to  her pups! She is exceptional!   Imported bred to Gringo Mohnwiese,  9th at the 2005 WUSV, she delivered a nice litter of 8 healthy strong puppies, F litter von Wolfstraum.  Nearly a year later, the G Litter von Wolfstraum she had 7 males and 1 female from another top International competitor, Enno v Fuchsstein, another Tom Leefdaalhof son!!  

Basha is from a very very strong female family  - six of seven females in the "tail female" line are Schh3s!!   Her dam is a daughter of the well known Gent od Polizie, and her pedigree is filled with BSP producers and competitors.

Basha's sire is Ufo v Guy's Hof  ~ considered by those in Belgium to be one of the best sires of his generation..  I met Ufo about 4 years while on business in Belgium through Jon Gjerpe, and was impressed by him as by few other dogs.   After returning, I found that a few very experienced people thought very highly of him.  In this years WUSV [06], five {5} Ufo sons resprented 3 countries...with Ace of Nike v het Bleekhof finishing in the top 10 for the winning American team!  Three grandsons, all by Zidane v Leefdahlhof, who were WUSV competitors as well as their sire, competed in the same year!  Ufo is proving to be one of the best producing dogs in recent years and in the US, schutzhund handlers are now seeing the value of this bloodline on the field.  

Dam of my own Danger, as well as Emir (Errow) {NY} and Elsa v Klipgaarden {NB} from Zender Lusandai, we are pleased to finally have a litter  which can finally carry out kennel name!   Due to the rules of the Belgian kennel club, even though she has been owned by von Wolfstraum for nearly 2 years, the pups born in Belgium must carry the kennel name of a resident of Belgium.    Thanks to Jon Gjerpe and Ben Evaretts for their care and assistance of Basha while she completed her titles, koering and had the Zender litter.

Working pups from Basha and several males ~~~~~~~~




Q haus Shiho daughter - Dunja van Klipgaarde Schh2 - courtesy of Lise and Hans Erik, owners, Norway - Dunja is handled by a junior handler!


elsa w sleeve


Enni (Elsa) v Klipgaarden, BH, TR1 owned by Marsha Seck, Falcon, CO 

zender pup1zender pup 2zender 3

Emir (Errow) v Klipgaarden, BH, AD, owned by Trish Grant, Buffalo NY

Depko Klipgaarden, multiple times Schh3, KKL ~~ Competing in Belgium at a National level

Basha son by Q haus Shiho 

Q owned by Pierre Wahlstrom, Imzedrift ~ Sweden



Depko in Training  - 

Thanks to Nick Vannerom (Helper) and friends for the photos of Depko and Darco


Darko av Xazziam, Schh3 

Basha son by Q haus Shiho




Photos on this page by Charlie Snyder, Lee Hough, Trish Grant, Lise Erik [Norway], Marsha Seck. 

Special thanks to Nick Vannerom and his friends from De Ware Vrienden, Belgium for photos and updates on Darco and Depko


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