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Working German Shepherd Dogs

The B Bunch

Sire: SG Kimo v Sigisliebe, SchH3, FH, KKL1
Dam: SG Alice v alt Deusener Land, SchH1, KKL1

OFA Excellent
Wolf is proudly owned by Charlie Starr and Drache Feld German Shepherds, Winchester, Kentucky
Wolf at 9-months, shown with Charlie [above] and Josh Scutt [below]
Wolf at a year old
Companion of Rev. Gary and Mrs. Jan Schult, future AKC obedience competitor!
Waiting for more photos!!!
Bengal - the leader of the pack! Shown with Amadeus and Alice
Chris and Tabitha Brown with Brava and Bronze at 3 weeks
Companion, home protector and future AKC competition
Debbie Hogg and Family